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Actions with Color

On this weekly Wednesday journey we will do things on purpose, to create habits, healthy habits.

Aligning chakras with actions helps strengthen your energy.

For each day we’ll do an action while wearing that chakra color.

(7th) Root- While wearing Red, tackle a fear. Bring yourself to a place of facing a fear you’ve had. It can be a small one.

(6th) Sacral- Date yourself, wear something Orange. A movie or just a cup of coffee, or sleep in something Orange! Feeling sexy & glowing pamper yourself.

(5th) Solar Plexus- Look your best on purpose wearing Yellow. Watch a humbling movie, eat healthy all day. Stretch out your limbs in the AM as well as PM, shine from within.

(4th) Heart- Be aware, be in a loving mood on purpose. Give out good vibes, take a walk in the park, give someone you know a hug. Recieve good vibes while wearing Green. Keep a smile on your face.

(3rd) Throat- Sang a song while dancing in Blue,

Say affirmations while manifesting your dreams.

Tell someone how you truly feel.

(2nd) 3rd Eye- Find the time to meditate today, Indio is the color to be wearing, manifesting a completed goal you see happening, in the near future.

(1st) Crown- Wake up knowing that all that you do is appreciated. Wearing Purple Knowing that you are worthy, Know that what you need & desire, you create.

Know that you have a divine purpose.

Awaken your crown in knowing.

Rather it’s something in your hair, a tie, shoe laces, or even earrings get creative with the colors of the Chakras & always have fun with your actions.

Quote: A healthy heart equals a clear mind.

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