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Healing Through Music

Now that you’ve been introduced to Weekly Wednesdays, how do you feel?

What feelings did you unlock during the 7 day journey?

If you have any questions or want to leave a comment, we encourage you to do so.

Most people look at spiritual beings and assume we’re all too serious.

So on this next 7 day journey I would like to have some fun. Sounds, Vibrations, & Words, music is the most important part in aligning chakras.

Healing, feeling good, clearing the mind, healthy and physically beneficial.

No worries if you feel you have no moves, just let your body loose!

For 7 days you’ll play a song, that relates to a chakra.

From the root to the crown, play it once or twice when time allows. Surrender to the music & enjoy, dance like you were a child again.

7th : Dreams (Fleetwood Mac)

6th : Feeling Good ( Nina Simone)

5th : Slow Down (Skip Marley ft Her)

4th : Talking To God ( Chrissy Metz)

3rd : I AM ( Beautiful Chour ft India Arie)

2nd : Fantasy ( Earth Wind & Fire)

1st : It’s Magic ( Francesco Cerrato)

These are songs you can find on YouTube.

You can make it a playlist as well and go beyond the 7 days. Remember Dance Dance Dance!💫

What do you feel you need the most healing from?

  • 0%Childhood Trauma

  • 0%Addiction Of Any Sort

You can vote for more than one answer.

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