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Shadow Energy

Greeting Beautiful ones, this weekly Wednesday blog is about a 7 day journey of shadowing.

Shadow Energy is energy that’s presents itself due to negative emotions.

Subconscious emotions that your either not aware of or hiding. Self reflection & ownership is the most important steps in revealing ur true complete self.

So now maybe your questioning, how do you identify what this shadowing look or feel like?

  1. Repressed thoughts.

  2. Hidden or avoiding feelings.

  3. Taunting dreams.

  4. Portraying a persona that mask your true identity.

Wake Up! Embrace Your True Self.

You’ve been puppeting your own life.

Most people are told shadowing is a bad & even evil thing to embrace, but all things must be in a balance.

For the next 7 days, we will get to know your shadow self.

Mirror Mirror on the wall, Reveal my truth flaws & all.

Everything about shadowing isn’t dark, it’s about embracing the dark to balance with the light.

Thursday: Look into the mirror & identity who your shadow self is. ( Be Honest With Yourself)

Friday: Try to figure out why & when did this particular shadow show up in your life.

( We Shut Out What We're Afraid Of)

Saturday: Embrace & Endulge in who your shadow self is. Remember balance is the goal, so we’re not encouraging you to lose yourself in it or become reckless in your decision making. ( Have Fun, Release)

Sunday: Take a deeper look & take accountability for suppressing your shadow self.

You may be the nice guy who has never told anyone to “Kick Rocks” but your inner shadow self wish you had the courage to tell that person to “Kiss Your Natural Beautiful Ass” because protecting yourself requires bringing your shadow into the light.

Monday: Since this is Moonday, try doing some shadowing work with the moon. You can look up some moon work videos or on your fav social media that connects with shadowing.

Tuesday: Reflect on how you can bring a balance to your life, in a positive way, that’ll embrace your complete true nature through shadowing.

Wednesday: If you can watch a movie that describes your shadow, on this day do so.

(How Did It Make You Feel?)

If your feeling like you can’t cope or control your shadow work, then stop.

This journey is to not overwhelm you but to be open to another possibility in healing with a positive outcome.

If needed call someone that you trust to confide in.

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