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Weekly Wednesdays

Welcome to Weekly Wednesdays, an invitation to have knowledge & inner-standing as the process of healing occur.

This journey we call life & physical experience, can burn out out light source. Weekly Wednesdays will have reminders to keep your light source shinning.

Your invited to experience a 7 day reminder of how beautiful you are, amongst discovering & learning of this energy we call human. How our energy affects our daily lives.

The first experience is a 7 day Sunrise and Sunset


Sunrise : (Take 3 deep breaths) releasing any worries or anxiety. Look in the mirror & say, “I love you”, you tell your family, spouse & friends every day. How often do you tell yourself?

Sunset : Before bed look in that same mirror and say “I am loved” clear your mind of all things of

that day & rest well.

Weekly Quote: The day’s burden brings restless dreams.

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